Whiplash Claims in Stockport

We deal with many cases where drivers in the Stockport have been a victim of whiplash due to a car crash or road traffic accident. Our specialist whiplash claims solicitors and can support you in making a personal injury claim.  Our ethos is to work as hard as possible to ensure that our clients receive the highest pay outs possible for whiplash claims.

So if you are wondering how you can claim for a whiplash injury in the Stockport area then please read the following information – or for a quick and simple assessment of your circumstances call our number today on 01615168849 so we can offer you efficient accident claims advice and an estimate on how much the claim could be worth.

How Do I Claim for Whiplash Compensation in Stockport?

We make the process of claiming as easy as possible, and due to our experience in the field can offer quick advice and how much your claim could be worth and how much compensation you could be due.  In order to start claiming whiplash simply phone us today or complete the whiplash injury claim form to the right of this page.

One of our specialists claims advisors will then ask you a few simple questions about the accident and gather details to help support the compensation process.  If we then feel that you are eligible to make a car accident whiplash claim we will assign you a Stockport personal injury solicitor to manage your case.

In order to support your claim we will need supporting information. For example were the police in attendance at the accident?  Did you receive any medical treatment?  What costs have you incurred?  If you have not yet seen a medical specialist then we will advise you on how to get that done because we will need medical evidence from a qualified medical professional regarding your whiplash injuries.

How Much Whiplash Injury Compensation Am I Due?

Each whiplash injury claim is completely different, and so we cannot give you exact numbers without knowing a little bit more about your case.  If you hafve been the victim of a car accident and would like to make a whiplash claim in Stockport then please contact us today so we can assess your case.

As a guideline though, there are some figures which can provide some degree of the compensation amounts and pay outs that could be involved.  See those below.

  • Minor Whiplash: Amounts varying up to £5,000
  • Moderate Whiplash: Amounts varying up to £16,000
  • Severe Whiplash: Amounts varying up to £97,000

Unlike other websites you might have seen we don’t have an website whiplash claims calculator because they are liable to give you a very different estimate on the amount you might be due compared to actual talking to a real human being – that’s why we always recommend calling us as you could potentially be short-changed otherwise.  There are different amounts depending on whether it was a head injury claim, or something less serious.

The No Win No Fee Process

At Personal Injury Solicitors Stockport we work exclusively on a no win no fee* agreement.  This means that we only get paid should your whiplash compensation claim be successful.  We find that this is a very suitable arrangement for our clients because it means they get access to the justice system and don’t have to pay any fees upfront to a solicitor or lawyer.

Not Just Whiplash Accident Claims in Stockport

We don’t just deal with whiplash accident claims, we also manage solicitors for a wide range of different forms of personal injury.  You can read more about this on our Stockport Accident Claims page which has a list of the types that we can help people with.

If you have suffered from any form of personal injury and would like legal advice and representation then please do get in touch with us today.

Call Today for Immediate Advice

So if you would like to know how to claim for whiplash after car accident call us now and let us help you in what can be a difficult time for you and your family. You just need to look at the Manchester Evening News to see how common car accidents are in and around Stockport – and we are at the forefront of helping people with this types of accidents.

Our personal injury solicitors will fight to ensure you receive the maximum settlement amount possible so you receive the compensation that you deserve for your injury.  Call us now on 01615168849 to discuss whiplash claims in Stockport.

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