Slips, Trips & Falls – Making a Claim In Stockport

Of all the different no win no fee* personal injury claims our solicitors manage for clients in Stockport, slips, trips and falls are the most common. In worst case scenarios, they have led to fatalities. Most people will ask us to represent them for head and back injuries. Some have even suffered serious disability and paralysis. If you’ve had an accident that wasn’t your fault, call 01615 169 702^ to speak to a specialist today.

The Slip, Trip, and Fall Compensation Process

The act of claiming compensation for a slip, trip, or fall is not as straight-forward as road traffic accident claims, as it can be hard to establish blame and fault. That’s why we always recommend that you employ the services of our specialist personal injury lawyers to give you the best legal guidance and maximum compensation awards possible.

Our Stockport accident claims team are just one phone call away, and will quickly be able to tell you whether you can claim for personal injury compensation. The amounts will vary depending on your injuries, and we can usually give you an indication of what’s possible when you call.

Slips, Trips & Falls at Work

In the majority of cases our clients will have been injured in a slip on a slippery surface such as oil or water. If the accident happened at work it is most likely due to the negligence of another person, for example if the cleaning has not been done properly.

Businesses and companies are required by law to ensure your safety. This involves the correct training as well as placing warning signs if there are hazards present. Our personal injury solicitors can guide you on how to proceed in cases such as this if you are worried about taking action against an employer.

no win, no fee slip, trip and fall personal injury compensation

Slips, Trips & Falls in Public Places

Stockport solicitors for slips, trips, and fallsSlips, trips, and falls in Stockport whilst out in public will mostly occur on pavements, hospitals, shopping centres, car parks, and sports facilities.

It might be that bad weather contributed to your fall, or it could be that the path and pavement was not maintained correctly. Our lawyers** can inform you whether action can be taken against public and private premises.

Making an Accident Claim With Our Solicitors

Whether your slip, trip or fall accident occurs at work or in a public place it is imperative that you have as much evidence as possible to support the claim for compensation. Even if you are struggling to do so, our accident solicitors will be able to support with this process and tell you what you need to do so we can get settlements made quickly.

In most cases, your slip, trip, or fall claim will be settled outside of court. Our lawyers will arrange compensation agreements with insurance companies so you don’t have the stress and difficulty in doing so. Our years of experience means we are specialist in getting claim amounts much higher than members of the public sometimes can do.

Typical Slips, Trips & Falls Compensation Amounts

The amounts of financial compensation you receive depends on your injury, recover time, financial losses, and the impact on your personal and working life. Typical claims can range anywhere between £1,000 to over £200,000 in very serious cases.

Call now on 01615 169 702^ for a free consultation so we can tell you how much compensation you could be due.

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