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An Update from Our Online Marketing Manager Jason Trent

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In what he plans to be a regular blog post, our online marketing manager will be providing updates to all the latest news from Personal Injury Solicitors Stockport, including any social media updates, new web pages added, or new online initiatives being developed to help make our clients’ lives a whole lot easier. Over to Jason Trent for February’s web update.

This week we launched a new page on our website which discusses how we work on cycling accident compensation in Stockport (and you can see it on that link there).  After speaking with the claims experts and personal injury lawyers we work with, they told me how bike accidents are quite common in the Stockport area, so it made sense that we published that type of information on the website.

Social media is becoming more and more important to us, and we actively encourage new and existing clients to contact us on the various platforms we use if they need accident claims guidance and a personal injury solicitor.

In the following months we will be creating a presence on Google Plus, Pinterest, and Twitter – I will post another update about that though once it’s all set-up and ready to go.


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