Cycling Accident Claims in Stockport – Bike Compensation

It’s a fact that most cases that we deal with as Stockport personal injury lawyers are those arising from accidents at work or road traffic accidents.  However, there are times when we have been called upon to help clients where they have been injured in a cycling accident in Stockport and want to know whether they can claim for compensation.  We’re happy to say that we are very experienced in cycling accident compensation and have many years of experience in helping cyclists to claim for personal injury.

Cycling Accident Claims Stockport

Cycling accident claims needn’t be complicated, and we advise our clients each and every step of the way in terms of the legal process, where they stand, how much compensation they could be due, and how long the case will take.  Whether you have been injured due to being hit by a car driver, or perhaps due to poorly maintained roads and pot holes, we can help.

How Much Cycling Accident Compensation?

To find out more simply call our number at the top of the website and speak to one of our expert and specialist claims advisors who can advise you on how you can make a cycling accident and bike accident claim in Stockport.

Cyclists are in the high risk bracket when it comes to being liable for injury, and as keen cyclists ourselves we know how tough it can be on the roads.  If you would like to book an appointment with a personal injury solicitor then contact us today to get started.

How We Work

1 – You call our phone number on 01615168849 and speak to a claims advisor.
2 – Answer a few simple questions about your case
3 – We will then book an appointment with a personal injury solicitor
4 – They will handle the case on a no win no fee* arrangement

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