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Have you endured a chest injury in Stockport? If you’re not at fault, and someone is to blame, you could stand to receive a large compensation pay-out for your pain and suffering. The chest is a seriously important area of the body, and an injury to it can prove lethal, if not lead to complications for your health. It’s because of this that you’ll require an expert team of personal injury solicitors** in your corner. We’ll push to get you the highest level of compensation obtainable for your accident on a no win no fee* basis.

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How are Chest Injuries Caused?

Whilst chest injuries can occur from innumerable types of accidents, those that you’re not at fault for are limited in number. This is because you are owed a duty of care by your employer, other road users, and businesses whose premises you are on in Stockport. When an accident happens, and you suffer a chest injury as a result, the party at fault has acted negligently. They will need to be held accountable.

Accidents at Work Causing Chest Injury

Accidents at work are a common way of sustaining personal injuries in Stockport, but a chest injury is still a rare thing to happen. In these cases, your employer must have acted negligently. Serious lapses in health and safety are – crushing from falling objects, striking moving machinery, falling from heights, colliding with a work vehicle. Any of these workplace accidents have a strong chance of awarding the injured party compensation.

Chest Injury – Accidents in Public

If you’re visiting a Stockport local business, like a supermarket, the last thing you want to think about is your safety. Business owners have a duty of care to your health, which makes them liable when accidents do happen. Frequently, patrons are injured by slipping, tripping, or falling accidents – which isn’t often a cause of chest injury. However, collapsing store units, displays, and other promotional areas can crush people – and significant incidents can cause serious chest injuries.

Chest Injury – Road Traffic Accidents in Stockport

Most will associate road traffic accidents in Stockport with whiplash from car crashes. However, serious accidents can cause seatbelts to inflict a significant chest injury on a person. And those not wearing seatbelts, such as motorcyclists and bicycle users, can be thrown from their vehicle, leaving them prone to a multitude of injuries that are severe. Even as a pedestrian, being knocked down by a vehicle going the speed limit can cause high impact injuries to the chest area, as we instinctively move to protect our head.

Howsoever your chest has become injured, if you weren’t at fault, we can help you claim compensation. Our team of Stockport personal injury specialists provide your claim assessment free of charge, so you know whether your case has merit, and what you can expect to gain. Call now on 01615 169 702^.

Different Types of Chest Injury

An injury to the chest can result in organ damage, if not broken ribs, which if untreated quickly, can be fatal. At the bare minimum, bruising can cause difficulty moving and great discomfort. If you’ve suffered a chest injury in Stockport, it’s likely to have caused a lot of pain and suffering, which our team of personal injury experts will help you seek damages for.

Chest injuries aren’t just caused by physical afflictions, industrial diseases can also injure the chest and the vital organs within it. The most common types of occupational illness affecting the chest area are Mesothelioma, COPD, work-caused Asthma, and lung disease. In these situations, your employer, current or past, may be liable for your illness, and compensation could be due to you.

No matter how your chest has been injured, if someone else is to blame, you could be due compensation. Contact our Stockport personal injury team to get a free claim assessment. We’ll evaluate your case, and any long terms conditions your chest injury could develop, and give you an accurate estimate for your damages. Call our friendly team on 01615 169 702^ today.

Make a Claim for Chest Injury

We make the claiming process extremely straightforward for you. We know that filling a claim can be a daunting prospect – that’s why we’re committed to giving you all the facts and guidance for free. This will help you make an informed decision, without worrying about upfront legal costs.

There is a limit of three years applied to personal injury claims, so it is imperative that you act quickly to ensure you maintain your right to compensation. If you’re at all unsure if your chest injury warrants a claim, our friendly team are on hand to answer all your questions and give guidance – free of charge.

No Win, No Fee Compensation for Chest Injuries

What’s more is that we can help you claim for your chest injury on a no win, no fee* basis. This means that, without any of the up-front fees incurred from seeking legal guidance, you won’t pay anything until your compensation claim is successful. And if it isn’t, you won’t lose any money, as our costs will be covered by After the Event insurance. All of this, and the exceptions, will be discussed with you, so you know exactly where you stand before you claim. Offering no win, no fee* personal injury compensation means we can help anyone seek justice and damages when they have been injured, regardless of their circumstances.

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