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We are specialists in helping those who have been affected by industrial deafness and hearing loss get the compensation they deserve. Our personal injury solicitors**of Stockport provide an expert and friendly approach. With just one phone call to our team, you can get immediate guidance on whether or not you are eligible for industrial deafness compensation – call now on 01615 169 702^

No Win, No Fee Industrial Deafness Claims Stockport

We make industrial deafness claims on a  no win, no fee* basis. This means that our clients can get reputable legal representation with no upfront expensive costs. We then proceed in looking to win you as much compensation as possible for your hearing loss claim.

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Industrial Hearing Loss Lawyers of Stockport

Our industrial deafness compensation solicitors** have years of experience in helping local people to get the legal redress that is rightfully theirs. Our process is very simple.

How to Make an Industrial Deafness Claim

If you want to stand the best chance of success when seeking compensation payments for industrial deafness and hearing loss, then you should make sure that you take the following steps. Our solicitors can help and support you with this process, and offer a free consultation so please call us or get a family member to do so. Here are those guidelines:

Medical Reports For Industrial Deafness

Industrial Deafness Claims StockportIn the first instance always make sure that you have had a consultation with a qualified medical professional who has diagnosed a hearing problem, such as deafness or tinnitus. Our solicitors and lawyers will require that you have medical records confirming that you have been affected.

Working Conditions & Witness Statements

We will also need to prove that your hearing loss was caused by working in an industrial environment. We might recommend that witness statements are sought, for example from co-workers who can validate and verify that the working conditions were loud and damaging to your hearing.

Personal Protective Equipment For Hearing Protection

You will also be required to demonstrate the periods of time that you were exposed to industrial noise pollution and high levels of noise. We will examine the evidence and try to ascertain that your employer was responsible for your care and should have taken more adequate precautions to protect your hearing.

We will then seek to establish and prove that your employer was negligent and that their actions, or lack of, have directly attributed to you making an industrial deafness claim in Stockport.

Start an Industrial Deafness Claim With Our Solicitors

If you think that your hearing has been affected by your workplace then you could be due compensation.

To get started simply complete the form or phone us. One of our friendly specialists will ask you some questions to find out more about your hearing loss claim, the circumstances, and history. We should then be very quickly able to tell you whether or not you due industrial hearing loss compensation. Call now on 01615 169 702^.

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