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Call our helpline today if you have been injured in a gym, sports centre, or swimming pool.  Our personal injury solicitors for Stockport work on a no win, no fee* agreement and represent residents and workers in Stockport who have been injured in a gym accident that wasn’t their fault.

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Gym Injury Compensation Solicitors for Stockport

Gym Injury Claims Stockport
Running machines, exercise bikes, and rowing machines can be dangerous.

Losing weight and getting into shape is more popular than ever, and millions of people around the UK now have gym memberships – in fact, nearly 5 million members are estimated.

Stockport and Greater Manchester is no different, with many gyms and leisure centres now existing to help people achieve their fitness aims.

Due to the heavy and specialist equipment that exist in gyms around Stockport, the chance of suffering an injury can actually be quite high.

That’s why all gyms and sports centres must adhere to strict health and safety rules, including advanced staff training for their employees.

Gym Injury Claims in Stockport — What We Cover?

At Accident Claims Stockport we are able to help clients of gyms, plus employees who have been injured at work where accidents have happened at:

  • Gyms
  • Sports Centres
  • Health Clubs
  • Spas
  • Leisure Centres
  • Swimming Pools
  • Water Slides

Health and Safety Rules and Guidelines

Despite the rules regarding safety of customers and employees, accidents can happen, as the health and safety guidelines can sometimes be ignored, badly applied, or simply forgotten about. When this happened, and customers or employees get injured in gyms, in many cases it can be possible to make a gym injury and accident claim.

The typical scenarios that could lead to gym injury claims in Stockport would include the following, although this isn’t an exhaustive list at all, it is the most common of examples:

  • Health and safety rules not being applied properly or ignored all together
  • Faulty or badly maintained gym equipment
  • Gym instructors giving bad advice and untrained staff
  • Slips on the floor in water or liquid
  • Electric shocks or falls from exercise equipment
  • Other gym users, including assaults

Gym Injury Compensation – What’s Included

If you have had an accident in a gym and would like to claim then you could receive compensation for the following aspects of your injury by using our no win no fee* lawyers and solicitors for Stockport:

  • Compensation for pain and suffering, including psychological damage
  • Money needed for bills if you cannot work
  • Expenses relating to your treatment and injuries
  • Travel expenses
  • Any other related costs

How Much Compensation for a Gym Injury Claim?

Stockport’s residents and workers will need to call us in order for us to assess their individual circumstances.  Until we have the full information, it’s impossible for us to put any estimates on gym injury compensation amounts.  Depending on the severity of the injury, then claims can reach into thousands of pounds in damages.  Call now to discuss your own personal circumstances.

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