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Our expert team of no win, no fee personal injury solicitors** of Stockport are specialists in ensuring that clients receive the best possible outcome for their accident claim. With many years of experience, as well as a plain English talking approach to the legal system, our solicitors will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the highest possible compensation payments for your injury.

Whether you have been injured at work, slipped and fell in a public place, on holiday, were involved in a car crash and suffered whiplash, we can represent you today. It only takes a quick call to 01615 169 702^ to get started — call today.

No win, no fee personal injury claims are a very simple premise: our solicitors will only get paid upon successful completion of your claim. If the accident claim is not won, you don’t have to pay a penny. Below we have laid out how our no win, no fee injury solicitors work and the commitment we give to you when representing your compensation claim case.

How No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Work

In recent years, there have been many changes to the way the personal injury claims industry has had to operate. That includes these type of legal agreements. The UK Government has passed legislation making changes to how lawyers and solicitors manage these types of cases for clients – and our solicitors are no different. You can find out more by visiting the Government’s own website information on this.

If you don’t want to read all the legal jargon, and simply want to know how much compensation you could be due for an accident claim in Stockport, then please complete the contact form on this page. Or, call us now for more information. We will quickly and swiftly be able to tell you whether you can claim for compensation, and then arrange for one of our solicitors to follow up to get you started.

No win no fee is subject to our panel’s Stockport personal injury solicitor agreeing to take on your case and appropriate insurance cover being in place. When a compensation claim is successful, there will be a Success Fee. Success fees will not exceed 25% of recovered damages, including VAT. This fee will be subject to your individual circumstances. There are a few rare exceptions, which the panel solicitor for Stockport can explain to you in more detail. If no damages are recovered, then no fee is payable by you. Your agreement will be direct with the panel solicitor in Stockport, who is a third party and not owned or employed by us. Early termination fees may apply if you decide not to proceed or fail to follow reasonable legal advice. Such fees would be based on an hourly fee rate as set by that panel solicitor. We may receive a payment from the Stockport personal injury solicitors, to whom we pass details if your case is accepted.

If you would like to discuss making a personal injury claim on a no win, no fee* basis, contact Accident Claims Stockport today. When you contact us, we will be able to guide you on whether we are able to take on your case on a no win, no fee basis. If we cannot, we will also provide you with information about alternative means of financing your claim. Get in touch now on 01615 169 702^.

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How the No Win, No Fee Legal Process Works

The UK law regarding personal injury compensation typically means that the losing party in a claim will be required to pay all costs resulting from a case. Our lawyers** have special insurance policies set-up to protect them and the client from this potential scenario.

This is known in the legal industry as “after the event” insurance and if our solicitors or lawyers lost the case, then the insurance policy will cover any resulting costs.  This means that our clients are further protected from having to spend money on the legal process.

Our Guidelines

Because we are committed to only offering the very best when it comes to representing our clients, we ensure that we are very rigorous when working with claimants. By being thorough during the claims process, it means that our clients will stand the best chance of success.  Please read the following guidelines that we have set out for you should you be considering using a no win, no fee personal injury solicitor.

  1. Be always completely honest with the circumstances of your accident. If you don’t tell our solicitors the whole story, then it could affect your chances of receiving compensation.
  2. Always co-operate fully with our solicitors. They know the law and how the different mechanisms work and have your best interests at the forefront of their mind when claiming for compensation.
  3. Our lawyers will give you guidance during the process, and there may be some tasks you need to complete. Please act upon these instructions as soon as possible to speed up and streamline the claims process.
  4. Should you wish to cancel your personal injury claim at any point before completion, then you will be liable to pay for any costs that have been accumulated by our personal injury solicitors.

We want to make the complete process as straight-forward for you as we can – that’s why we lay everything out in simple terms on our website. Working with solicitors can be quite a daunting prospect for most people. But by working with us, you can be assured that you have some of the best minds on your side when it comes to making a personal injury claim.

Our team will keep you completely up to date and informed during the entire time in which they are representing you so that you always know what’s happening, and how your accident claim is progressing.

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Making a Personal Injury Claim

To get started, simply phone the number that you see on the top of our website, or alternatively complete the contact form on this page. Brain, neck, spinal and head injury claims are also something that we specialise in.

When you call us, our injury claims specialists will ask you a few simple questions in order to get some background on what happened and how you were injured. If they feel that you have a potential compensation claim for a no win no fee injury solicitor to work on for you, then we will arrange the next steps.

The types of questions and information required in order to progress with a personal injury claim are typically as follows:

  1. What date did the accident or injury occur on?
  2. Were there are witnesses to the accident?
  3. Were the police involved and an official police report filed?
  4. Did you require medical treatment or a hospital visit?
  5. Do you have any photographic evidence of injuries?
  6. What costs have you incurred, and do you have receipts?

This should be enough for us to start generating the paperwork for your claim, although there might be a requirement to meet one of the lawyers in person in some compensation claims.

How Much No Win No Fee Compensation Will You Receive?

We cannot give any online estimates to financial amounts as each case is individual and assessed on a case by case basis. Once you have spoken to one of our representatives on the phone, they might be able to place an estimate on any potential no win no fee injury claim that you have based upon the information that you give them.

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