Construction Worker Accidents Blight the 2022 Qatar World Cup

With the recent arrests and allegations surrounding the FIFA organisation, there’s one scandal which hasn’t been as widely publicised – the injuries and deaths of construction workers developing the stadia for the 2022 World Cup to be held in Qatar. […]

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We Have a New Telephone Number for Stockport Accident Claims Advice

This week we have changed our existing Freephone number for Stockport accident claims advice, so now it’s a localised Stockport phone number.  We felt that this was the best idea as truly means we are represented as a local website for local clients. […]

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An Update from Our Online Marketing Manager Jason Trent

In what he plans to be a regular blog post, our online marketing manager will be providing updates to all the latest news from Personal Injury Solicitors Stockport, including any social media updates, new web pages added, or new online initiatives being developed to help make our clients’ lives a whole lot easier. Over to [...]

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New Pages Now Live With Details on Specific Personal Injury Claims

Our editors have had a busy last few days with particular attention being paid to expanding out the website to include information on speficic personal injury claim types such as head injury compensation, brain injury, neck, back, and spinal cord injury claims.  For more information on those forms of claims you should take a look [...]

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Decline in Inheritance for the Middle Aged Likely To Become An Issue

Whilst not strictly personal injury related, occasionally we will post legal blog pieces on our website written by our lawyers and solicitors. The following blog post regards a decline in inheritance, and how it could affect more and more people in the future.  If you have any comments then please do leave them, or alternatively [...]

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