Have You Seen Our New Facebook Page? Come And Like Us Today!

Have You Seen Our New Facebook Page? Come And Like Us Today!

The industry in helping people with personal injury claims has changed a lot over the last five years, and advances in technology have had an affect on how we work.  This is especially relevant when it comes to working with new clients, helping them with an accident claim, and giving them different avenues that make it easier for them to make a claim.

Social media has been a large part of this changing of working practices, and many personal injury firms now generate a large amount of business from the social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Not to be left behind we decided this week that in tandem with our new website launch, we would also create a Facebook page for new clients in Stockport.  This should let people find us easier, and make the whole process of claiming for personal injury compensation so much easier.

If you would like to “like” us then please visit the Stockport Personal Injury Facebook page here and get started.  If you have any comments or questions about our no win no fee arrangements then you can ask those there – or alternatively read our dedicated page that we have a link to here.

Over the coming months we will be striving to improve how we manage and work on social media so that we provide the very best personal injury advice in Stockport, so please look out for news about that coming soon on our blog pages.

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